Today every third girl tried to meet with young men through dating sites. More than a half prefer to communicate through Internet without leaving their homes. All the rest do it for making their life interesting and go to blind dates. 

Of course many candidates don’t pass the tests of sense of humour, adequacy, sociability writing first phrases in a chat. In the list of contacts are left only those who can listen to others’ opinion, react jokes adequately and can support a conversation and show a vivid interest toward person with whom they talk. 

But even such ideal virtual admirers hide their true identity. Don’t get scared we don’t talk about maniacs or other criminal elements. Everything is much more simple. Everybody has his issues and they can simply destroy any relations. 

So here are several signs that the young man doesn’t treat you seriously and you shouldn’t waste your time on him:

  • He calls you a kitty or a baby – it means he has only a sexual interest in you and it changes several times a week.
  • He asks you to lend him money: for a cigarettes, beer and etc. This guy just had nothing to do for several evenings, he met you, created a gallant image and decided to save money on trifles, hoping not to meet you anymore. 
  • He persistently invites you to visit some philosophic gathering. He looks for a like-minded person for visiting different events together and then for discussing it.  
  • He asks what colour your bra is – this is a fetishist who likes girls with be collections of bras. 
  •  He opens a big notebook full of girls’ telephone numbers, boasting off with his victories in pick up. 
  • Greets you with a dreary face and words like “Good evening, lady” – he wants to look like an intellectual and an admirer of woman’s beauty and charm, but in fact he is just a usual perfectionist searching for some mythic ideal. 

Search of a good young man for serious and long relationship is a very interesting and exciting thing. In this process you will meet with representative of different temperaments, learn man’s psychology a little bit, will learn to find approach to any person, make your number of friends bigger and will get more funny stories. Advantages only and one piece of advice: be attentive and don’t forget to listen to your intuition. Don’t miss your man.