Was it yours decision or somebody’s advice you find yourself at a dating site. How to start using it? Here is the manual that will help you to take everything what you need from these sites. 

Site choice

There are many different dating sites. All popular ones are free because they earn money by other additional services. So choose one and follow to the next point.  


The step that many people are afraid to do. This process doesn’t take much time but gives many opportunities to find new friends or partners. Don’t fear to do it. It will take a couple of minutes only. And if you think that friends will laugh at you, don’t get surprised when you find them on a dating site. 


If you want a good communication so a person with whom you talk would know something about you, fill in the profile. Usually every site has a template with questions, so you don’t need to think much what to write. Also almost every site has an additional questionnaire devoted to interests and hobbies. But it’s up to you to decide if you want to fill it or no. 


Upload your photo necessarily, at least one for the beginning so a person could see you. A photo raise your chance to get more reaction as seeing is believing, and profiles with pictures attract more attention. 


After you registered, filled the profile and uploaded a photo start searching using the search system. Define the person you want to find: point sex and age. Notice that you need a profile with a photo. 


You decided with whom you want to communicate, so start the meeting. Send an original message and wait for the answer. Like the photo of the person, leave a good comment. Start making friends and the first date will take place soon.