Today there are many stereotypes and according to them people judge what is good or bad. One of these stereotypes is: a husband always must be older than his wife and a boyfriend must be older than his girlfriend. It can be explained by the fact that he is the head of the family, by his role of a leader and main provider. Still despite this conviction, more and more marriages where a wife is older than a husband appear. In these families relation differ from what we are used to see. 

If a mature woman wants to start relations with a young man and to create a family after, she must realise that many difficulties will take place. For example: relative of the young man, girls of his age an etc. You can never be sure that your young boyfriend doesn’t change his mind. He may start dating with a girl who is younger than you or just regret about these relations. In this case the next stage is a break up and many mature women live through it quite hard. 

There are special features in such relations. The main one is the fact that they are not typical. A woman in this case treats her lover as a child. She will patronize, pamper and cuddle him trying to hold him so he couldn’t meet attractive girls of his age. And the young man wants to be independent, strong and to care about his wife. Such total control can be unbearable and bothers him. If everything happens like this such relations are doomed. Starting relations with a man younger than you don’t forget that you are a woman and it’s him who must take care and protect you. 

The matter of money is also a difficult aspect in such marriages. It’s normal when a mature woman already achieves something, has a high income, is a professional in her field and is used to live a rich life. Young guys usually think what to do and are still looking for a place in life. So a situation when a young man becomes a freeloader happens. Some men don’t like it and others are totally cool with it. 

Also don’t forget that you have different interests and friends. If a difference between your ages is quite large it is difficult to find common interests and to communicate with each other’s friends. So it’s better to spend free time with different people.  

But there are advantages in such relations. The main one – sexual life. An experience woman is experienced in everything. She can teach her young and passionate man many things. And the second great advantage is the fact that mature women are much smarter than young girls and they know how to solve problems, surmount obstacles and find the best way out of any situation.