Specialists have thought about the fact that colour of premise influences the quality of sex and had a conclusion that sexual desires of partners depends on colour of their bedroom. Check the recommendations about colours that can help you to arrange not only your place but also your life. 

 Advice №1

You can make your bedroom white with green elements if you got problems in your sex life. White colour is associated with purity and innocence and green adds positive energy and also helps to come to compromises. 

Advice №2

If you are bored with your marriage sex, violet bedroom is for you. Violet appeals to sexual fantasies that were hidden and concealed for long time. This colour is for creative and spontaneous people. 

Advice №3

If you are a young couple who just starts living together bedroom is really important for you. Different colours will be fine. Blend of colours and styles of decor must become a reference to your active sex life. There is nothing to be ashamed of, just enjoy each other in an according conditions. 

Advice №4

Bedroom in a dark gold colours will fit those who have problems, whose relations became cold but want to save the marriage. Gold colour will make your relations safe and help you to understand how important these relations are for both of you. 

Advice №5

Orange will be good for people who have troubles with weight and suffer complexes connected with it. This colour helps to suppress appetite and stimulates to have active life. 

Advice №6

If you dream about a baby you should put up blue curtains, not too dark ones with a red bow pinned to it. Follow this advice although it looks strange and even funny. And soon you’ll be happy. 

Advice №7

Periwinkle colour of a bedroom will fit those who change their partners quite often. This colour makes you calm and looks very nice. 

Find the best colour that fits your life and make your bedroom not only beautiful and cosy but also useful for your sex life and relations. Don’t be afraid to experiment and change yourself and the world around!